Pelada Football Academy offers playing opportunities for every skill level and our programming is based around a four season structure, allowing players to participate in multiple sports or activities and focus on soccer during the parts of the year that fit their schedules best. For those who love to play soccer all the time, we have opportunities for both training and competition all year round! Full program summaries by season are available below.
Birth Year / Age Group Program Reference


Our seasonal year runs from June through May. Age groups are based on birth year and players age up to the next a age group after the end of the spring season. Summer tournaments are the start of the new seasonal year and are played at the new age level.
Player's birth yearAge groupGradeGame formatCore Competitive SeasonsAvailable programs
2018/19/20U5-U7Pre-K/K/1st2v2, 3v3, 4v4 (Informal)n/aFoundations Academy
Summer, Winter (indoor), Spring
2017U81st/2nd4v4 or 7v7Fall + Spring Leagues
(U8 participants on our
fall/spring teams will
be playing against older
U9 & U10 players)
Foundations Academy
U9-10 Fall & Spring Teams
Summer Tournaments
Futsal Academy
Indoor Teams
2016U92nd/3rd7v7Fall + Spring LeaguesU9-10 Fall & Spring Teams
Summer Tournaments
Futsal Academy
Indoor Teams
2015U103rd/4th7v7Fall + Spring Leagues
2014*U114th/5th9v9Fall (League + Cup)
Spring (League)
U11-15 Fall Teams
U11-14 Spring Teams
Summer Tournaments
Futsal Academy
Indoor Teams
2013U125th/6th9v9Fall (League + Cup)
Spring (League)
2012**U136th/7th11v11Fall (League + Cup)
Spring (League)
2011U147th/8th11v11Fall (League + Cup)
Spring (League)
2010***U158th/9th11v11Fall (League + Cup)
Winter (League + Cup)
U11-15 Fall Teams
U15+ Winter Teams
Summer Tournaments
2009U169th/10th11v11Winter (League + Cup)U15+ Winter Teams
Summer Tournaments
2008U1710th/11th11v11Winter (League + Cup)
2007U1811th/12th11v11Winter (League + Cup)
2006U1912th11v11Winter (League + Cup)
*At U11 players age up from the 7v7 U10 Valley Academy League format to the 9v9 game format used at the U11 and U12 age groups.
**At U13 players transition from the 9v9 to the 11v11 game format.
***U15 players (born in 2008) can choose between fall league and cup and winter/spring league and cup programs. Players wanting to participate year round can do both.


U5-U8: Help players acquire balance, coordination, physical awareness, and socialization skills along with a basic set of techniques and a love of soccer.

U9-U10: Build the foundations of soccer technique and team play while establishing good habits in the areas of learning, work ethic, deliberate practice, and group cooperation.

U11-U12: Intense focus on achieving technical proficiency across skill sets while introducing fundamental tactical themes and terminology.

U13-U14: Build game reading skills and tactical understanding while seeking an increased range of technical ability.

U15-U16: Cement tactical understanding and create team leaders while improving decision making and seeking consistency in execution of technique.

U17-U19: Cement a style of play that takes full advantage of individual skill sets while pursuing advanced tactical understanding, game reading ability, and competitive player impact.