Pelada Football Academy offers playing opportunities for every skill level and our programming is based around a four season structure, allowing players to participate in multiple sports or activities and families to focus on soccer during the parts of the year that fit their schedules best. For those who love to play soccer all the time, we have opportunities for both training and competition all year round! Full program summaries by season are available below.
Summer Programs


Tailored to specific ages and elements of youth soccer development. Clinics are open to any player, PFA member or otherwise. They are one week long (Mon-Thu) with daily sessions ranging from 3-5 hours. Topics include goal scoring, goalkeeping, defending, attacking, and fall pre-season team training camp. Cost range: $135-$175 per camp


Format: Week-long (M-Th) day camps
Dates: See our Schedules page
Locations: TBD
Cost: $135-$175


Players train twice a week with a PFA staff coach in a small group setting (4-8 players). Coaches provide curriculum-led training and individualized progress assessment for each participant. Those participating in summer tournaments will train in a team envronment instead of small groups leading up to tournament weekends. The program will run from late June through mid August (total of 12-16 sessions, exact schedule will vary by group).

NOTE: This is a training only program with no game schedule. Players wanting competition should contact Joey Garah ( to inquire about tournament options.


Dates: June 21 - August 12
Locations: TBD
Sessions: Two sessions per week, 60-75 minutes each
Times: Evenings between 5pm and 8pm
Cost: $125


Various tournaments in June/July/August for teams age U10-U20. Tournaments are single weekend events, usually Friday-Sunday, and particiation includes 2-3 weeks of training leading up to the tournament weekend.  Most events offer a 3-4 game guarantee.  Possible locations include Salem, Bend, and the larger Portland area.  Cost: $125 per tournament.


Match Formats: 7 v 7 (U9-U12) / 9 v 9 (U11-U12) / 11 v 11 (U13+)
Training Format: Train twice per week for 2-3 weeks leading up to tournament weekends
Training Location: TBD
Uniform: UA Squad Full Kit
Cost: $125 per tournament


For U5-U8 players (2014-2017 birth years), the Foundations U8 Academy offers skill building for players age 4-7. The emphasis is on teaching fundamentals of movement, coordination, and technique through fun and engaging exercises and small-sided games. Training is held once a week in a small group setting (4-8 players) led by a PFA staff coach and members of our youth Coach Development Academy. Each session begins and ends with scrimmages in a 2v2 or 3v3 format and uses a combination of fun, competitive training games and one-on-one instruction to teach technical fundamentals and basic decision making during the middle portion. Includes three jamboree-style game days. Runs for seven weeks from early July through late August (total of seven practices and three game days).


Dates: Jul 7 - Aug 20
Location: Marist HS Grass
Times: 5:15-6:15pm
Training: One 60 minute session per week on Wednesdays
Games: 2nd, 4th, and 7th Fridays (7/16, 7/30, and 8/20); jamborees consisting of 3-4 ten minute games between Foundations Academy groups (3 v 3 or 4 v 4 format)
Cost: $50
Player Development Pathway


U5-U8: Help players acquire balance, coordination, physical awareness, and socialization skills along with a basic set of techniques and a love of soccer.

U9-U10: Build the foundations of soccer technique and team play while establishing good habits in the areas of learning, work ethic, deliberate practice, and group cooperation.

U11-U12: Intense focus on achieving technical proficiency across skill sets while introducing fundamental tactical themes and terminology.

U13-U14: Build game reading skills and tactical understanding while seeking an increased range of technical ability.

U15-U16: Cement tactical understanding and create team leaders while improving decision making and seeking consistency in execution of technique.

U17-U19: Cement a style of play that takes full advantage of individual skill sets while pursuing advanced tactical understanding, game reading ability, and competitive player impact.