Academy Programs


U5-U8: Help players acquire balance, coordination, physical awareness, and socialization skills along with a basic set of techniques and a love of soccer.

U9-U10: Build the foundations of soccer technique and team play while establishing good habits in the areas of learning, work ethic, deliberate practice, and group cooperation.

U11-U12: Intense focus on achieving technical proficiency across skill sets while introducing fundamental tactical themes and terminology.

U13-U14: Build game reading skills and tactical understanding while seeking an increased range of technical ability.

U15-U16: Cement tactical understanding and create team leaders while improving decision making and seeking consistency in execution of technique.

U17-U19: Cement a style of play that takes full advantage of individual skill sets while pursuing advanced tactical understanding, game reading ability, and competitive player impact.


Pelada Football Academy’s programs form a progressive developmental arc from the Primary Academy (K-4th grade) through the Preparatory Academy (5th-8th grade) to the Competitive Development Academy (9th-12th grade). Each level is tailored to the needs of young players at different stages in their physical, mental, emotional, and social development. Participation is not tryout or trial-based – developmental opportunities are available to all players, regardless of initial skill level.

Primary Academy – U5-U10 (Kindergarten-4th Grade)
The Primary Academy is for players age 5-10, typically entering or enrolled in grades K-4. This is arguably the most important stage of a young player’s development: it will determine the skill sets, basic knowledge, and enjoyment of the game that they take into their competitive years. The Primary Academy uses age and skill appropriate games to build confidence, coordination, and technique side by side. Players learn the fundamentals of the game through fun and engaging field exercises and small-sided competition.

Core Seasons: Fall / Spring
Training Sessions per week: 2 (usually Tu/Th)
Training Location: St. Paul Parish School
Competition: Inter-Squad Scrimmages (U5-U10) / Valley Academy League (U9-U10)
Match Formats: 3 v 3 (U5-U6) / 5 v 5 (U7-U8) / 7 v 7 (U9-U10)
Uniforms: Training jerseys (General Primary) / Pulse Kit (VAL participation)

Preparatory Academy – U11-U14 (5th-8th Grade)
The Preparatory Academy is our program for U11-U14 players, typically entering or enrolled in grades 5-8. Its emphasis is on producing proficient, intelligent, well-rounded players with an advanced understanding of the game. Training is weighted toward technical development at the lower age groups, and shifts toward an increased tactical emphasis as players approach and enter high school.

Core Seasons: Fall / Spring
Training Sessions per week: 3 (usually M/W/F)
Training Location: Willamalane Recreation Center
Competition: Willamette Valley Youth Soccer League
Match Formats: 9 v 9 (U11-U12) / 11 v 11 (U13-U14)
Uniform: Speed Kit

Competitive Development Academy – U15-U19 (9th-12th Grade)
The Competitive Development Academy is for players age 14-18 competing at the high school level. Its emphasis is on preparing players for the rigors of their high school programs as well as soccer beyond high school.

Core Seasons: Winter / Spring
Training Sessions per week: 3 (usually M/Tu/Th)
Training Location: Willamalane Recreation Center
Competition: Timbers & Thorns League
Match Formats: 11 v 11
Uniform: Speed Kit


The Academy’s operational year runs in conjunction with the academic school year, with summer and fall programs at the beginning of the cycle. Players have the option to participate on a seasonal rather than year-round basis if their schedules don’t allow them to commit to the full annual cycle.


During the summer months Pelada offers various skills clinics as well as opportunities for Academy training and tournament competition.

Summer Academy (U5-U19) – COMING SUMMER 2017: Will run from approximately the third week of June through the third week of August. Players train twice a week with their team and/or players of a similar age.
Summer Clinics: Tailored to specific ages and elements of youth soccer development. Clinics are open to any player, PFA member or otherwise. They are one week long (Mon-Fri) with daily sessions ranging from 2.5-5 hours.
Tournaments: For teams seeking competition during the summer months. Teams typically train for two weeks leading up to each event.


Fall activities include league competition and training opportunities across the U9-U14 age groups, as well as training and non-league playing opportunities for our U5-U8 players.

Primary Academy (U5-U10): Runs from approximately the first week of September through the third week of October. The General Primary Academy includes two training sessions per week and weekend inter-squad academy scrimmages. U9-U10 players may also compete in the regional Valley Academy League (VAL) with four league play dates each in the fall and the spring.
Preparatory Academy (U11-U14): Runs from approximately the first week of September through the first week of November. Teams train three times a week and compete in the regional Willamette Valley Youth Soccer League.


Winter season includes the core of Pelada’s high school developmental program as well as continued training opportunities for U5-U14 players.

Competitive Development Academy (U15-U19): The high school season runs from December through early April. Teams train three times a week and participate in the state-wide Timbers & Thorns Leagues.
Winter Academy (U5-U14): For K-8th grade players. Runs from approximately the first week of December through mid-March. Players train once a week with their team and/or players of a similar age. K-4th grade players train indoor at Kick City and 5th-8th grade players train outdoor at Willamalane and/or Marist HS.
Indoor Teams (U8-U19) – NEW FORMAT WINTER 2016-17: Self-organized teams can be signed up to play at Kick City Sports Park during the Winter 1 (Nov-Jan) and Winter 2 (Feb-Mar) Sessions. Please see our Indoor Team Formation Guide for details.


Spring season is the end of the Academy’s annual cycle. Primary and Preparatory programs are similar to those in the fall, while Competitive Development teams have the option to conclude their season with competition in the State or President’s Cup.
NEW IN SPRING 2017: Local tournament play will return to Eugene/Springfield with Willamalane’s Memorial Day Tournament at the Les Schwab Sports Park.

General Primary Academy (K-4th Grade): Runs from April 4th through May 25th with training twice a week and academy scrimmages on Sundays.
Valley Academy League Teams – open to players with ’07 and ’08 birth years (U9-U10): Runs from March 6th through May 6th with training twice a week. Includes competition in the Valley Academy League, with game locations in Eugene, Corvallis, and Bend. Teams can also chose to participate in the Memorial Day Tournament at Les Schwab Sports Park (Memorial Day weekend).
Preparatory Academy (5th-8th Grade): Runs from March 6th through June 4th with training three times a week. Includes competition in the Willamette Valley Youth Soccer League, with game locations ranging from Cottage Grove to McMinnville. Teams can also chose to participate in the Memorial Day Tournament at Les Schwab Sports Park (Memorial Day weekend).
Competitive Development Academy – open to teams that participated in the winter league season (U15-U19): Runs from early April through the first week of May and includes continued training and cup play.


Pelada’s Coach Development Academy (CDA) provides PFA members age 10 and older with the chance to be trained as coaches and work alongside senior Academy staff as mentors to younger players. Candidates are expected to demonstrate the following qualities:

• Leadership, maturity, and accountability within team environments.
• Desire for and dedication to learning.
• Commitment to and love for the game.
• Caring and respect for coaches and peers.

The goal of the Coach Development Academy is to offer ongoing education and support for youth players who show interest in coaching, leadership, and mentoring. It delivers specific, age appropriate curriculum to help young coaches learn and progress. CDA training sessions are held on the 2nd Sunday of each month. Youth coaches will also have the opportunity to assist senior coaching staff with academy training sessions and/or summer clinics. There is no fee for participation.

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Coach Development Academy

Next CDA event: Summer 2018 Coaching Clinic, July 10-12 @ Marist HS
Tuesday, July 10th – 3:00pm-5:00pm
Wednesday, July 11th – 3:00pm-5:00pm
Thursday, July 12th – 3:00pm-7:00pm