The word Pelada [ pronounced Pay-lah-dah ] comes from Brazil and describes an informal game of soccer between friends. Peladas are played everywhere, everyday, motivated by nothing more than love for the game and the sense of community at its core.

Pelada Football Academy’s mission is to support community and the development of youth through soccer by fostering values of positive leadership, team ethics, and fair play.  Our organization strives to provide exemplary teaching techniques and competitive player development for all those who wish to achieve a high level of ability and enjoyment of the game.

For information on Pelada’s developmental goals and pathways, please link to our Academy Programs page.

Pelada Football Academy is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (Status Award Letter).

Pelada Football Academy’s Employer Identification Number is 46-1979540

Pelada’s 2018 Annual General Meeting was held on Sunday, November 18th, in the ARC (300 Wing, center of campus) at Marist High School.


1. Elections and Board Business
– Election of BOD Officers – President & Treasurer
– Election of BOD Directors at Large
– Vote on Proposed Bylaw Change
– Bylaw amendment

2. Review Fiscal Budgets
Previous year (2017-18)
Current year to date (2018-19)

3. Programs Review
– Participation summary
– Primavera program overview
– Coach Development Academy program overview
– Special events and future program development

4. General Discussion / Open Forum (if needed)
5. Adjourn

Minutes and presentation slides from the 2018 AGM are available below: